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Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy is provided by licensed/certified behavioral health professionals working within their scope of practice in counseling and psychotherapy. The therapist determines how equine interactions or of the equine environment may enhance the client’s individualized treatment plan with the goals of improving the client’s cognitive, behavioral, and emotional or psychological function for greater health and wellness. We also partner with other farm animals for assistance in the therapeutic process. ALL KIDS AND ADOLESCENTS WELCOME! 

Private Pay and Commercial Insurance Accepted.

Image by Jusdevoyage

Equine Interaction

Equine-assisted psychotherapy incorporates horses into the therapeutic process. People engage in activities such as grooming, feeding, and leading a horse while being supervised by a mental health professional.

Small Animal Interaction

Goat therapy is using goats to provide us with comfort and support so that we can destress and be happy and healthy. Goats can be used therapeutically to aid a variety of mental, emotional, and behavioral issues as well as to provide a general sense of well-being for anybody.

Boy Carrying Goat

Recreational Therapy


We also offer special programming opportunities for schools, day programs, assisted living communities, community groups, and our veterans. Please contact us to learn more about special programming or partnership opportunities. 

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