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Adaptive Horsemanship

Equine-assisted services (EAS) is a term used to refer to various services in which professionals incorporate horses and other equines to benefit people. Here at Affinity Ranch, we focus on the following areas of Equine-assisted services: Horsemanship, Therapy, and Learning. 


Adaptive Horsemanship

Adaptive Horsemanship is an area of non-therapy services focused on various riding disciplines, carriage driving and interactive vaulting for individuals or groups with diverse needs. Qualified equine professionals with specialty training or certification develop lesson plans that may include mounted and unmounted activities and fun, creative games to develop horsemanship skills and provide the healthful benefits of interacting with horses. Adaptive or therapeutic horsemanship sessions are conducted by a team that includes a certified instructor and the number of center volunteers deemed necessary by the instructor for the activities in the lesson plan.

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